Essay on Principles Of A Norm Violation

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As society we set standards for how an individual should present themselves in any setting they may be attending. A professor named James M. Henslin (2015), explained that a norm is an expectation that we set of “right” behavior within any setting (49). A norm violation can vary in many situations from affecting a person’s hearing, sight, smell, taste, personal space or just making an individual uncomfortable. Presenting a different type of behavior that is “enforced because they are thought essential to core values or the wellbeing of a group” (51) may be a different view of defining a norm violation.
Putting it to the test I went out to observe two norms and also committed one myself and evaluated people 's reactions to different events that occurred in public. It was difficult to detect some norms that occurred out in public, but I was able to find a violation at a park as I went to hang out with friends. As the weather begins to warm up, society tends to excuse males and females when they wander off the court or athletic activity they were participating in as they walk around shirtless and relax to cool down. But when we see an individual who is overweight from either gender shirtless, people begin to react or stare a little more at the individual due to the way they are presenting themselves in the setting they are in. A "norm that is not strictly enforced" (51) in other words Folkways, this action of many individuals that aren’t…

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