Principle of Management Essay

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My business club intends to hold a debate competition at the end of the month. I am been selected and the title has given as, “Managers today should use the democratic style of leadership rather than automatic style.”
Before I start this title, I decide to determine both of the style.
Democratic Style
Democratic style is a platform to create a team to participate in the decision-making process. When an enterprise is making decision, they usually use democratic style in many parts of the business. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to dedicate ideas to the decision. There are two types of democratic decision-making: 1) Persuasive Democratic Management
The leader will makes the decision first and then convinces
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It is best employed in cases where the department or business concept is to find operational changes or when a leader or managers try to solve the problem of the individual or group. Of course, the democratic leadership style is not always sensible. This style should be set aside when it isn’t time efficient and cost-effective to collect everyone’s opinion, or when a company is in a difficult position and it cannot be wrong. Moreover, there is no room for involvement of the leadership when employee is in danger. Democratic leaders keep the lines of communication smooth. In cooperation settings, they helped to focus on and find a balance between being open to new ideas and maintain all production and tracking. This type of leader should respect everyone’s opinions and ideas, but the leader should be ready to submit to a path of action with faith and certainty.

Moreover, when using this style there is no lack of communication between the employees, for the instructions as they are all together. This is to avoid confusion between the teammates or the managers and the employees. When a complex and important decisions need to be taken, democratic style is very effective for angle of view of all the people are good, therefore it increase the investment from people with a various skills. It’s hard to keep production unstructured discussion. That’s why the leader

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