Essay on Principals : Human Resource Leadership

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CPQS IV: Principals demonstrate human resource leadership.

A: Professional Development/ Learning Communities - Principals ensure that the school is a professional learning community that provides opportunities for collaboration, fosters teacher learning and develops teacher leaders in a manner that is consistent with local structures, contracts, policies and strategic plans.

Professional development and skillfully devised professional learning communities enhance a culture of continuous improvement within the school. Careful planning, on the part of the principal can ensure that the school is organized as a professional learning community. The science department, at AAHS, like all other departments, shares a common planning time to engage in a professional learning community. Making time for this to happen is crucial. Job-embedded professional development ensures that all staff members are able to collaborate on student learning.
In addition to implementing effective in-school PLC time, organizing whole school professional development that is tailored to staff and school improvement, high quality, research based, and focused on student learning fosters teacher learning and ultimately student success. The professional development of AAHS’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative has been my top priority this year. To ensure high-quality professional development that meets the needs of all staff, I designed a survey for staff to take where they were able to speak…

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