Princess Mononoke : Seeking A Balance Between Nature And Man Essay

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Princess Mononoke: Seeking a Balance Between Nature and Man
Throughout the progression of human civilization, technological advancements have always occurred at the expense of altering and harming the environment; so much so that one of the five types of conflict highlighted in literary writing is human vs. nature. One such story that addresses this conflict is “Princess Mononoke” by Japanese storyteller Hiyao Miyazaki. Although appearing to be a simple animated children’s tale of a boy thrown into a fight between spiritual beings and the human civilization that threatens to encroach upon their territory, Miyazaki delves into an utterly complex commentary on the consequences technological advancements have on its surroundings. Unlike other more mainstream examples from film such as Disney’s Pocahontas, James Cameron’s Avatar, and the classic Soylent Green, however, Miyazaki chooses not to take a side as he highlights the benevolence of the people that are destroying nature, while forcing the viewer to sympathize with the nature spirits plight simultaneously. Refraining from dealing in absolutes, Princess Mononoke’s subject matter develops more nuanced critiques that allow the viewer to craft their own opinions, and while Miyazaki chooses not to reach any concrete resolution on how to fix the problems that may arise, he offers a legitimate warning that balance is crucial beyond measure; a balance unattained, even after nearly two decades have passed since the film’s release.…

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