Princess Diaries - Character Essay

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Princess Amelia "Mia" Mignonetta Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo
Her grey eyes are her "only attractive feature", according to her outspoken best friend Lilly Moscovitz.

Amelia struggles with her new role in the world as Princess of Genovia (a country loosely based on Andorra). For all of her childhood and a some of her adolescence, she prefers to wear combat boots and overalls (though she wears a uniform to school) instead of the designer wardrobe that is expected for her. She is fluent in English and is learning Spanish and French, though she sometimes humorously mistakes homonymous words for one another.

Mia often does inappropriate or mortifying things, particularly when she is in public. She bites her nails, obsesses over her cat
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She goes out with Boris Pelkowski, but dumps him in the fifth novel after meeting Jangbu, an attractive Tibetan sherpa; by the time she regrets the breakup, Boris has already moved on with Tina. Lilly later falls in love with John Paul "J.P." Reynolds-Abernathy IV and goes out with him for roughly six months until he breaks up with her, blaming the way that Lilly treats people - particularly Mia. However, J.P. actually broke up with her because he was falling in love with Mia, which leads to an estrangement between the two girls.

Lilly goes on to create the website[1], dedicated to criticizing Mia to the point of general abuse. By the end of the ninth installment of the series, they seem irrevocably estranged, but the reason for Lilly's coldness towards Mia is revealed in the last novel, Forever Princess, and they resume their friendship.

[edit] Michael Moscovitz
Lilly's older brother, Michael, is the love of Mia's life. Like Lilly, he is highly intelligent and academic; unlike her, Michael is much more socially adept, very perceptive, and "wise beyond his years", as well as the most normal and stable member of his neurotic family. He is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena: Warrior Princess, and Star Wars. He begins the series as a senior at Albert Einstein High School, where he is the treasurer of the computer club and co-valedictorian. Before dating Mia, Michael has a crush on her and is very irritated when Mia appears to like

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