Princess Diana 's Wedding Dress Essay

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The assignment I have uploaded to iWebfolio is a reflective essay, satisfying the partial requirements for ENGL 1100. For this essay, I chose Princess Diana’s wedding dress as an artifact to discuss as shown in my thesis statement: “As millions of viewers from around the world watched the ceremony, the wedding dress that Princess Diana wore became a symbolic piece of history.” The assignment was to research and discuss the historical significance of the artifact and to reflect on that artifact’s connection to my own interests.
In the prompt provided by my instructor, I had to find an artifact that came from a specific event or era that interested me enough to write a research paper on. Within the paper I had to give a summary about what my artifact was including a thesis statement. From there I had to give a physical description of the artifact and state important details like the location and time period. I then had to tell about the historical overview of my artifact. This included the significance, how it was a part of history and the legacy. The reflection of the artifact was the next part the paper. The society views, the moral and story line, and the experience of the artifact were just a few topics that was incorporated into the paper. It concluded with a personal reflection, such as why I thought it was important, what it meant to me and my views of the artifact.
I debated about what artifact I was going to write about for a long time. I could not think of any…

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