Princess Aisling Makes A Friend Essay example

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Princess Aisling Makes A Friend
Once upon a time in a magical land far away, there lived a beautiful princess named Aisling. She had beautiful golden hair and forest green eyes. Aisling lived in a beautiful castle in the mountains. Aisling loved living in her castle. It had everything she could possibly ever need. Well, almost everything. The only thing that Aisling’s beloved castle didn’t have was a friend. Aisling desperately wanted a friend, but living so high up in the mountains, friends were hard to come by. One day Aisling decided that if a friend can’t come and find her, then she would go and find them. She decided that she would walk through the mystical forest until she found a friend. Aisling left with a bag full of toys and the hope that she would find a brand new friend. Aisling walked to the path that would lead her through the mystical forest. The mystical forest entrance was made up of an archway made out of tree branches and beautiful flowers. Aisling loved walking through the mystical forest – especially at sunset. Aisling walked for about ten minutes, until she came upon a little bluebird. The little bluebird was perched on a low tree branch, singing a cheerful tune for all to hear. Aisling walked up to the little bluebird. She said, “Hi little bluebird. Will you be my new friend?” The bird whistled back to Aisling a merry, little tune. “Oh! You can only whistle. Let me try whistling to you,” Aisling stated. Aisling tried to whistle, but…

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