Prince Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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Crazy, or not crazy, that is the question. Just because someone acts a certain way, does not always mean that they are actually that way, right? In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the main character, Prince Hamlet purposefully sets out to act insane, and the assumption is that he is pretending to be insane the entire time. Many would argue that Prince Hamlet is actually insane at some, or many points in the play. However, Prince Hamlet might be acting the entire time as he stated he would. One might also argue that Prince Hamlet has next to no control over his situation in this state of madness, whether acting or real. What if Prince Hamlet has considerable, if not total control over his affairs and outcomes in the play? Prince Hamlet’s seemingly mad quips and sayings may seem irrelevant to many readers, but, digging deeper into the meaning of each quote and how it affects other characters in the play, they really may steer the entire situation very close to how he wants it to go. Prince Hamlet equips his madness in a certain way to deceive the audience in a most effective way while also accomplishing his goals. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, gumption and sarcasm are used to demonstrate that Prince Hamlet may appear insane, but is actually sane and has regulation over his affairs. Prince Hamlet is a very sarcastic character, and this can be seen at several points in the play. Prince Hamlet uses many hidden meanings, alludes to historical scenes, things, or people to subtly…

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