Primates : A Complex World Of Interaction Essay

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The study of primates is not as simple and straightforward as one might initially believe. Theirs’ is a complex world of interaction. In many ways highly similar to that of humans. This intricacy has led to the need for scientists to redefine what being human truly means. For upon studying primates a social milieu was revealed. Primates were seen expressing themselves through different behaviors. In addition, their societies are intricately organized and they form enduring relationships. These behaviors are held to be the result of evolution, that natural selection favors those that display social tendencies. Essentially, those tendencies that promote survival and reproduction (Larsen, 2011). Their forms of expression cover a range of behaviors, everything from hugging, vocalizing, touching, and grooming each other. All of these things serve as signals for items or activities the primates are interested in. For instance, they will groom each other to form an alliance. The complexity of their societies is due to these alliances being formed between individuals of various kinships, sexes, ages, and statues. At least some of these relationships will endure for an extended period of time even when there would appear to be no benefit. As in the case of chimpanzee males who will groom each other and travel together (Larsen, 2011). This complexity is believed to be caused by an evolutionary inclination towards social behaviors that heighten survival and reproduction. Males and…

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