Essay about Primary Survey Administration Method Is Phone Surveys

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One major survey administration method is phone surveys. The phone survey method is one where the researcher calls individuals who comprise his or her sample and then has them answer the survey questions over the phone (Chamberlain, 2016). This has historically been a popular administration method, as it has several advantages, i.e., it is quick, cheap, and effective (Chamberlain, 2016). That being said, there are several disadvantages as well. For example, individuals have become less inclined to answer their phones. Furthermore, when they do answer, low response rates have been an issue because of marketers selling under the guise of a survey, which has led individuals to be hesitant towards completing surveys over the phone (Chamberlain, 2016). Another popular survey method is written surveys. Researchers who utilize this strategy design a survey, print it out, and then present it to their participants to complete. One of the advantages of this approach is that there are several different ways to give it to the participants. For example, the survey could be administered in person or sent through the mail (Chamberlain, 2016). In addition, these surveys tend to be accurate and easy to score (Chamberlain, 2016). Common disadvantages of this method include the cost of developing and administrating the surveys, especially when compared to phone surveys (Chamberlain, 2016). In addition, these surveys frequently suffer from nonresponse bias, which is the effect that…

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