Primary Source Analysis : John Andrews Essay

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Primary Source Analysis: John Andrews to William Barrell, Letter regarding the Boston Tea Party (1773)

Context: Since the beginning of the 17th century tea was being regularly imported to the American Colonies by the East India Company. An estimated 1.2 million pounds of tea were consumed by the Americans each year (Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum 2016, Boston Tea Party Facts: Britain realized they could increase their revenue of the tea trade by imposing taxes onto the American colonies. This caused a lucrative increase on tea prices and in response American colonist began an industry of smuggling tea. The smuggling of tea inflicted the British tea trade tremendously so in hopes of cutting down and preventing the smuggling of tea the British Parliament passed what is known as the Tea Act of 1773 which reduced the tax on imported British Tea and gave British merchants unfair advantages in selling their tea. American colonists became outraged over the tax and made smuggling tea even more expensive then the tea received from the East India Company. Tensions with Britain and the Americans were on an all-time high and on November 28th 1773 the first of three British ships carrying 340 chest of tea arrived in Boston looking to unload their cargo. Many citizens wanted the ships and the tea sent back to England without the payment of tax, but Governor Thomas Hutchinson wanted the tax paid and did not want to allow the…

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