Primary Healthcare And Global Health Essay

1006 Words Mar 20th, 2016 null Page
Primary Healthcare and Global Health is an interesting subject. During the lecture, I found that this subject helps expand my understanding of the principle of Primary Health Care (PHC) as well as its implementation in global health settings. I also obtained in-depth learning through a focused group work and discussion. In a small group, we discussed and shared knowledge as well as experience on a chosen topic. We explored a topic about the importance of community health workers (CHWs) as a means of delivering health service to overcome the lack of accessibility problem.
In a focused group activity, we discussed about the role of CHWs and their community activities by selecting two case studies which are Lady Health Workers in Pakistan and Kader Posyandu in Indonesia on the purpose to compare the implementation of CHW in low-resource settings. Pakistan and Indonesia are relatively similar since those countries are well known as low-middle income countries and still struggling to obtain sufficient health resources. In addition, Indonesia is chosen because three out of five our group discussion members, including me, have previous experience with Posyandu in which we directly observed the health activities conducted by cadres. In getting information about Lady Health Workers, we searched various literatures which are related to the community health activities in Pakistan. We believe that the comparison between the two models of CHWs would provide deeper understanding about…

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