Essay on Primary Carrier Of The Bacteria

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What is one of the main things that all health care professionals should strive to maintain…infection control! A nosocomial infection is an infection that is transmitted during a patient’s visit in the hospital for unrelated reasons. This term is more commonly called healthcare associated infection or HAI for abbreviation. According to the CDC approximately
5% to 10% of all hospitalized patients will acquire a HAI. Since HAIs can jeopardize patients’ safety it is crucial that healthcare professionals follow precautions to help maintain infection control. As a radiologist technologist there is daily opportunity to contribute in the success of infection control. To begin with the radiologist tech must be mindful of how they present themselves in the healthcare environment. The healthcare professional should make sure that their hair is pulled away from their face at all times. Hair is a primary carrier of the bacteria staphylococcus aureus. These bacteria can cause fatal infections in patients because they can become resistant to antibiotics. It is typically recommended that healthcare professionals do not wear jewelry. Bacteria can get trapped in jewelry, such as rings, and then be exposed to each patient that interacts with the healthcare professional. It is also recommended that the radiologist tech wear short sleeves. Long sleeves can easily become contaminated. Microbes can effortlessly attach themselves to the cuffs of sleeves. Scrubs will be the most common work attire…

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