Priestley 's The Kite Runner Essays

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Throughout the book, The Kite Runner, many personal elements affect Amir’s choices in life. One of the most prominent aspects is courage. Amir does not show any glimpses of courage until later in the book. From when he watches Hassan to the trip to America and his return to Kabul, he shows a big difference in his personality and lack of courage. Amir’s lack of courage effects on how well he could have become and how he could have lived. After the kite-fighting contest, when Amir is viewing what Assef and his companions are doing to Hassan, this certain point becomes a challenge for him. It becomes a test of courage. Amir is caught between going after and helping his loyal and best friend to impressing his father to gain praise. In addition, if Amir stepped out and stood up for Hassan, the whole matter would have subsided and changed the book in general. Hassan stepped up for Amir, during their previous encounter with Assef. Amir most likely did not think of this, seeing how he watched what the boys did to Hassan and did not even try stopping them. Moreover, it probably slips his mind that Baba has respect and praises men who go stand up for what is right. When Baba is talking to Rahim Khan about Amir and says, “A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything” (page 22), this hurts Amir because he knows he is not what Baba had expected of a son. This mainly draws back to the idea of not having courage but ends up leading to greediness. He…

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