Pride, Curiosity, And Lack Of Vigilance Essay

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In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus, a man who left his home to fight in the Trojan War and who comes back twenty years later. Him and his men go on a long journey to Penelope. Throughout his peregrination, he has to fight and overcome the land and sea’s monsters and gods, thus returning home to his throne on the island of Ithaca. Some of Odysseus’s attributes bring him to a flawed hero. His imperfections are the reason for vexation of gods and monsters, like Poseidon, who comes to hate Odysseus after the Trojan War, and protracts his return back to Ithaca. Some of Odysseus ' imperfections are pride, curiosity, and lack of vigilance.
The first imperfection which Odysseus exhibits is pride. At the terminus of the Trojan War, he boldly defies the gods by loudly declaring that he was the sole artisan of his victory and that he didn 't receive any avail from the gods, when this is erroneous since Poseidon sent a sea serpent to kill one of the enemies of Odysseus just afore he was going to check the content of the Trojan Horse, which would have gotten him and all his men killed. This pride is a reoccurring element in the plot, since it is withal what leads Odysseus to breach his insuperability and to reveal his authentic name as he leaves Polemarchus the Cyclops ' island, incrementing Poseidon 's exasperation at him, since the Cyclops ' are his children.
Another imperfection of Odysseus is curiosity. He shows this impotency is when he and his crew are sailing in the sea of the…

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