Pride and Prejudice Values Juxtaposed Letters to Alice Essay

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“Pride and Prejudice” and “Letters to Alice” contains many similarities yet some obvious differences even when considering the fact that they were written hundreds of years apart. Both texts provide strong perspectives on a variety of issues and are very blunt in their approach. The key issue throughout both novels is the ideology of marriage in the sense of whether one should marry for love or financial stability and standing. Both novels are written in an epistolary format providing a different perspective for the reader from the standardised third person format. Similarities and differences exist between the changing values of women within the two texts on such issues as moral standards and behaviours or class and social rank however …show more content…
That a marriage made for love is better than one decided on financial standings. This view on marriage though similar to Weldon’s in some respects but differs slightly. She views that women should marry but understands and accepts that some women shall always marry for financial gain due to the world of which we inhabit, our money driven society. She however takes it one step further by insisting that marriage should not be the only goal of women, they should perspire to achieve careers and make a living without being forced to marry. It was this belief that also led to Weldon’s labelling as a feminist as she does not centre or rely her beliefs on men but rather the choices of the women.

Fay Weldon’s novel “letters to Alice” is a collection of letters from an aunt to a niece. Weldon is the aunt and Alice an imaginary niece. This text consists of a fictional story interwoven into facts and slivers of the truth. Weldon’s style is very didactic and instructional to Alice, similar to the style that of Jane Austen and her views are, like Jane Austen’s again, very blunt in their approach. In contrast however to Jane Austen’s text “Pride and Prejudice” which focuses heavily on a single issue this text focuses on a variety of issues rather than centralising on a specific belief or value. Weldon summarises and clarifies what Austen is trying to

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