Pride And Prejudice Comparison Essay

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Every couple’s love story is not the same. Though there may be many similarities, they are all special and distinct. For some couples, their story may be love at first sight and how their affection for each other grew so easily. For other couples, their story may be about many obstacles they had to overcome to be able to eventually find love in one another. However, in all love stories, no matter how they came to be, love always prevails in the end. All love stories are unique, but some are more remarkable and noteworthy than others. In Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, the love stories of Jane and Bingley and of Elizabeth and Darcy have many similarities yet are diverse in their own ways.
Jane Bennet is the eldest daughter of the Bennet
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Elizabeth strongly disliked Darcy while Darcy tried to hide and resist his interest in her. While Darcy’s notice of Elizabeth grew, her dislike for him did also. His proposal to her was quite the surprise, and she was adamant in her refusal. Their judgmental and stubborn personalities made their relationship very eventful. They had to overcome their differences and flaws to be able to love one another. Though the differences of the two couples are very drastic, the similarities are also present. Both couples had to overcome obstacles through their relationship. Though their obstacles they faced were different, they helped both couples realize that they were in love. The obstacles only made their love grow stronger over time. Nevertheless, the most important similarity of the couples is their ending love for one another. Towards the closing of the novel, the love that Jane and Bingley and that Elizabeth and Darcy shared was a key aspect in the continuation of their relationships. Both couples overcame difficulties to find their “happily ever after” ending.
In conclusion, though the love stories of Jane and Bingley and of Elizabeth and Darcy happen in very different ways because of the nature of their personalities, their love for each


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