Essay about Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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Humor and laughter appear frequently in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but underneath the surface the humor often depicts an ongoing anxiety and issue the character faces throughout the novel. Mrs. Bennet would frequently denounce the protagonist, Elizabeth 's love interest Mr. Darcy and his personality however the moment Mrs. Bennet hears of the engagement between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy she boasts about her profound love for Mr. Darcy, his personality and his money resulting in a humorous contradiction. The humor detected in the particular scene of Mrs. Bennet praising Darcy helps elicit the true anxiety Mrs. Bennet has throughout the novel and the extent to which she is willing to go to ensure her daughter’s hand in marriage. First, Mrs. Bennet’s exigency to ensure her daughter receive an invitation to the Netherfield Ball, a ball with numerous eligible bachelors, depicts her deep commitment to finding suitable spouses for her five daughters. Second, Mrs. Bennet is willing to sacrifice her oldest daughter Jane’s health in an attempt to prolong her stay at the estate of Mr. Bingley, Jane’s potential love interest. Last, despite the anger the entire Bennet family feels towards the untraditional marriage of Wickham, a money chasing soldier, and Lydia, a Bennet daughter, Mrs. Bennet avidly congratulates them and feels a sense of pride that at least she has a married daughter. Although at initial glance Mrs. Bennet’s humorous reaction to the engagement of Darcy and…

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