Essay on Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a remarkable work that revolutionizes the treatment of women. The novel forces society to begin a change that would last centuries, igniting a fire in women all across Europe and across the Atlantic ocean to North America. The novel follows the life of a young woman, Elizabeth Bennet, in late 18th century England, who sets an example for the readers to follow. In Pride and Prejudice Austen highlights the quick wit and intelligence of the young woman, and allows the readers to witness the faults in her as well, such as her stubborn pride and prejudices against the other characters. Jane Austen was raised in a middle class family, “Her father, George Austen (1739-1827), was a country clergyman at Steventon…” (Kelly). Austen grew up with six brothers and one sister and was the 7th child. Austen and her sister received some education, but it was not near as much as her brothers. Women at the time were primarily schooled in classic literature, which gave the Austen sisters the upper hand because of their family’s interest in it. In December 1795 Austen fell in love with a man of a higher social rank, and was brutally introduced to the system, losing the man she loved when his aunt sent him away to save her family name from public humiliation. This incident was a mile marker in Austen’s life. She had been somewhat sheltered from the harsh reality of England’s social class system until it directly influenced…

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