Essay on Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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Time plays an important role in Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, and time uses the changes of seasons to set the tone for the direction of major characters. The novel takes the over the span of about a year, and each season signifies changes for the characters and their relationships with one another. Each new season sees how time can instill change in the way certain characters act and react to certain actions, and the seasons reflect upon how the characters feel at that very moment, while the seasons to come affecting them even more.
The novel begins near the end of September, as the beginning of fall nears ever closer. The coming of fall does symbolize the coming of a successful harvest as well, as the Bennets have no son to call their own, must find a way to make up for the fortune they will lose due to the Bennets’ fortune being designated to the families closest male relative, their cousin Mr. Collins. Indeed, hope comes again when the Bingleys, a rich family who has a young, single son looking for a spouse, moves into the nearby neighborhood of Netherfield. In maintaining the theme of autumn through the seeking of a “successful harvest”, this opportunity bodes well for the Bennets if one of their daughters can gain the affection of rich, young man Mr. Bingley. Being that this section takes place in Autumn, the author notes the implications of work ethic and societal expectations between both men and women. During the fall, young men like Mr. Darcy and Mr.…

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