Price Policy Of Coca Cola

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Other countries imposing a tax are Mexico, Chile, Barbados, Denmark and Slovenia. The trend is even hitting home in the United States. The city of Berkley, California has introduced similar measures (The Economist, 2016). The question I have is this really about trimming bulging waistlines or is about raising money from taxing yet another dirty pleasure such as cigarettes and alcohol. I would tend to believe that the campaign sounds like a win-win situation, but I believe the governments are looking to pad the city budgets.
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Not only that, but coming up with the correct price structure to help these bottlers manage their companies is important as Coca-Cola has expanded into markets where bottlers are few. Consumer marketing is essential to create awareness and consumer preference for the Coca-Cola brand. Product and packaging research is done along with consumer surveys to develop a working strategy from consumer input that can then help Coca-Cola to develop its brand in current and emerging markets. The Coca-Cola Company and brand has been a well-involved part of our society for more than a century. Being around so long there are both strengths and weaknesses of the company. A major strength of Coca-Cola is that it has produced satisfying products for a long time. The brand is known to 90 percent of the world which contributes to a large amount of their sales and there is an opportunity for the rest of the world to become familiar with the

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