Role Of Achilles In The Iliaid

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n the Epic, The ILIAD by Homer translated by Robert Fagles, the swift runner Achilles has never opened up nor cared about anything or anyone but himself, until Priam, Hector's father. Priam goes and retreats the body of his dead son. Robert shines a different light upon Achilles that no one has seen before. Achilles pity's Priam, Priam is father of Hector the one who killed his dearest friend, Patroclus. He gives in and gives the dead body to his father. The strangest event happens, Achilles offers to Priam to sleep in his tent till the morning rises again the next Morning. The change Achilles experience isn’t the “Wow he is a new man” but more of a change of heart deep down achilles already has this emotion, there just needed to be a break in his system to let it all out.
When Praim enters the Achaean territories with the help of Hermes, who was sent down by the gods. Priam didn’t hesitate to make himself less powerful Achilles;he “kneeling down besides Achilles, clasped his knees and kissed his hands, those terrible, man killing hands that has slaughtered Priam's many sons.” Without doubt Priam was doing anything he can do to get his dead son back. Knowing Achilles some would think, he likes the power he has over Priam and he would make it last, but Achilles doesn’t but instead has a change of heart. After
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“ Tell me, be precise about it- how many days do you need to bury prince Hector? I will hold back myself and keep the Argive armies back that long” ( bk. 24 771-4). The act of kindness is way out Achilles character, it was a achilles to take break of he war, but not showing that he needed a break. He was also a sign of respect for Priam and Hector. Achilles was turning a left, he changing the olds, maybe just for those 12 days, maybe as he knew he was going to die he just wanted to know that some of the pain he has cost to many lives would be

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