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PRG 420 Entire Course FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT PRG 420 Week 1 Individual Assignment Hello world
PRG 420 Week 2 Individual Assignment Netbeans Project (annual compensation)
PRG 420 Week 3 Individual Assignment Netbeans Project (annual compensation with commission)
PRG 420 Week 4 Individual Assignment Netbeans Project (annual compensation comparison) ________________________________________________________

PRG 420 Week 1 Individual Assignment Hello world FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT OF WEEK # 1 Create a program in Java™ that displays “Hello world!” Take a screen shot that shows the program’s successful compilation and execution. Then submit your program along
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A salesperson will continue to earn a fixed salary of $50,000. The current sales target for every salesperson is $120,000.
The sales incentive will only start when 80% of the sales target is met. The current commission is 5% of total sales.
If a salesperson exceeds the sales target, the commission will increase based on an acceleration factor. The acceleration factor is 1.5.
The application should ask the user to enter annual sales, and it should display the total annual compensation.
The application should also display a table of potential total annual compensation that the salesperson could have earned, in $5000 increments above the salesperson’s annual sales, until it reaches 50% above the salesperson’s annual sales.
Sample Table: Assuming a total annual sales of $100,000, the table would look like this: Total Sales
Total Compensation

105,000 110,000 115,000 120,000 125,000

130,000 135,000 140,000 145,000 150,000 The Java™ application should also meet these technical requirements:
The application should have at least one class, in addition to the application’s controlling

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