Prewar Goals Of The American Revolution Essay

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Leading up to the American Revolution colonists had ideas about what they wanted to accomplish politically, socially and economically as a result of the revolution. Some people consider that the colonists largely did not satisfy their goals while others believe that the colonists achieved their prewar objectives. The Declaration of Rights of the Stamp Act Congress states that “the increase, prosperity, and happiness of these colonies depend on the full and free enjoyment of their right and liberties” . This is why the colonist’s rights were vitally important. The colonists satisfied their social goals by becoming citizens, not subjects. They satisfied most of their political goals through the Articles of Confederation and the Treaty of Paris. …show more content…
The colonists felt that they naturally possessed these rights and revolted to obtain them, or to get them back.. Many of the rights the colonists wanted, such as a representative government, multiple governing bodies, the guarantee of natural rights and a free market economy were secured with the Constitution. America set an example for other countries such as France, who a few years later orchestrated a revolution that shared basic principles with the American Revolution. Some people say that many of the political prewar goals of the revolution were not satisfied because they only applied to eligible voters. This is true, but it was the same class of people who felt that these rights were assured to them because their ancestors had them. This does not justify that some of the rights obtained by the colonists following the revolution only applied to eligible voters, but it was the reality. These sources also only see into the minds of a few political writers, which only demonstrated the views of certain types of Americans. The views presented in the works used to support the arguments did largely represent poplar views among most colonists, but they were limited to certain regions or demographics of colonists. With the Constitution the colonists were able to even further satisfy their pre-revolution goals, and this put America on a new track for the

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