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Substance Abuse Prevention Programs
Julie Valpuesta
Grand Canyon University
April 9, 2014

Substance Abuse Prevention Programs There are many substance abuse prevention programs in America. The Army Substance Abuse Prevention, Partnership for a Drug-Free NC and SAMHSA are three of them listed in this paper. They all have goals, funding, marketing, government policies and standards to which they have to adhere to. They all have components that work, problems and a certain level of effectiveness. The follow is an overview of these three agencies and how they work.
Goals and Method of Operation
First, we have Army Substance Abuse Prevention. The Army strives to ensure that its soldiers are properly treated when it comes to
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The Army prefers soldiers to seek out help on their own however superiors are also supposed to report substance abuse problems.
Secondly, there is Partnership for a Drug-Free NC. Their goals consist of, “At PDFNC, we believe recovery includes body, mind, and spirit. Our treatment programs help people examine and understand their mental health problems, use of drugs or alcohol, improve their self-image, and develop consistent and responsible behaviors” (PDFNC, 2007). Their method of operations consist of outpatient and inpatient clinical services, using school-based prevention programs and supporting the needs of individuals with in the state of NC.
Thirdly, SAMHSA is a program that supports substance abuse prevention awareness. “SAMHSA's mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities” (SAMHSA, 2014). Their goal is to have fewer people using drugs and alcohol. Their method is create programs, new policies and give resources in hopes to contribute to this.
Funding and Marketing The Army Substance Abuse Program and funded and marketed in the same manner. They create campaigns, events, to which people may attend, learn about ASAP, and make charitable contributions. Part of how they market ASAP is through creating a logo that soldiers can wear, during the campaigns soldiers are educated on substance abuse so they can

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