Prevention For Borderline Personality Disorder

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Since Borderline personality disorder does not have a known cause, and only factors that play a part in its development, prevention for Borderline Personality Disorder can be either board or not possible. However, with there being no known prevention for BDP, we can assume that the many factors considered to be a possible cause of BDP can also be some of the ways to preventing the development of BPD, or reducing the risk for example abuse and neglect. Inside the home is where a lot of the underlining issues those with Borderline Personality Disorder deal with. One of the distinguishing factors into prevention is, parenting.
Being able to provide a child with the proper care is essential to their mental growth and development. According to
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It is essential when trying to prevent this serious mental illness. it is easy to confuse Borderline Personality Disorder with other mental illnesses, but people with BPD commonly suffer from intense moods swings, followed by impulsive behaviors that can be any of these things like substance abuse, binge eating, out-of-control spending, risky sexual behavior, and reckless driving. People with Borderline Personality Disorder will have problems with low self-worth and a frantic fear of being left alone (abandoned). This fear may lead to frantic attempts to hold on to those around you. Or it may cause you to reject others before they can reject …show more content…
However, recent studies have shown that BPD can be effectively treated. The treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder really depends on the patient and the severity of their disorder. However there are various types of treatment one can receive for this mental illness.
A treatment options for BPD can be Psychotherapy, what is also known as “talk” therapy. This treatment is usually the first one most Borderline Personality disorder patients will go through. Therapy can be a very difficult thing for someone with BPD, because in order for their treatment to work they must be able to trust their therapist and build a relationship, but with the nature of BPD that can make it very difficult to maintain a bond. It is best to find someone who has training in dialectical behavioral therapy. This method of treatment has been proven to work, but according to NIH more research needs to be conducted in order to understand psychotherapy and how it works for someone with Borderline Personality

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