Prevention Exercises For Smartphones Users With Text Neck Pain

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Prevention Exercises for smartphones users with Text Neck Pain (TNP).

Ahmed Gaballah1,2
1-Kinesiology and Health Sciences Department, Utah State University, Logan, UT, USA
2-Depaartment of sports Health Sciences, Damietta University, New Damietta, Egypt.

Text neck become one of the most harmful pain syndrome in neck and shoulder region. People 's lifestyle nowadays has depended on smart phones in communication, reading, and entertainment. Mobile device users frequently adopt prolonged forward head posture while looking down at the screens of mobile devices. The exaggeration on using mobile technology leaded to Text Neck Pain Syndrome (TNP). [1] [2]. The position of neck while using the smartphones causes fibrotic of muscular fibers and overstretching of muscles around the neck spins, possibly high prevalence of neck pain. [3] . Based upon, the Text Neck Institute the definition of (TNP) is an excessive pain in the neck and shoulders caused by excessive eccentric strain and overstretching on the neck muscles. As a result of, contraction position anteriorly and downward for the neck. [4] [5].
Several Studies determined the influence of using smartphones on neck region. For example, 84% out of 140 smartphones users had neck pain, and 52% had shoulders pain among Canadian university student. [6]. Likewise, among 642 Thai mobile phones users there were 42.2% experienced neck pain [4], Correspondingly, among Chinese people used the smart devises 44.1% to 68.7%…

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