Prevention And Prevention Of Emergency Departments Essay

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Emergency departments provide twenty-four hour care for life threatening, chronic and acute conditions. However, the increase utilization of emergency departments lead to overcrowding and an increase in the number of individuals that leave without being seen (LWBS) by a physician. “According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention report on ED use in the United States in 2000, at least 1.8 million patients left emergency departments without being seen” (Johnson et al., 2009). This is a patient safety concern due the miss opportunity to catch possible life threatening conditions. The evidence reveals that a large number of these individuals are disproportionately patients with lower acuity for the visit, young, low income, uninsured, minorities that have may not find appropriate healthcare elsewhere (Fayyaz et al., 2013). Patients often have to wait for a long time before being seen by a doctor and even longer before being transferred to a hospital bed (3). The result is not merely inconvenience but a degradation of the entire care experience - quality of care is compromised, the patient 's safety may be endangered, staff morale is impaired and the cost of care increases. One study calculated that each patient not seen equates to $8,000-$10,000 in lost revenue (Jensen, 2003). A second study calculated that over $3.8 million in net revenue was lost in one year due to patient diversion and elopement (Falvo, 2007). Not only do lost patients represent lost revenue,…

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