Prevention And Life Style Changes Essay

1829 Words Nov 21st, 2015 null Page
Recent research has shown us that with patient background, prevention and life style changes, we can better a patient outcome and avert the disease process from spreading. The authors, Cheek, Kenneley, Sherrod, Sherrod, Spitzer & Cheek illustrate how genetic matching of genes can help enhance patient’s responses to certain medications and decrease adverse reactions. Kenneley states how as a health care team we can help prevent the spread of C. diff. Sherrod, Sherrod, Spitzer & Cheek shows how to prevent heart disease in women and how detecting the signs and symptoms and high risks early can decrease the chances of the acquiring the disease. According to Cheek, we can determine how certain medications and a patient’s response to these medications are influenced by a patient’s genetic makeup. Certain medications have a heightened or lessened affect depending upon the patient and their gene pool. Nurses can provide better care for their patients if they have a better understanding of their patient’s background and genes. Researchers are investigating antiplatelet therapy, Oncology, anticoagulation, mental health and HIV therapy to match a patient’s genes to medications to prevent adverse effects. One specific drug used for antiplatelet therapy is clopidogrel. Some patients have been found to have a certain loss-of-function allele which produces a variant enzyme known as CYP2C19 (Cheek, 2013). This enzyme is unable to metabolize clopidogrel and these…

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