Prevention And Control Of Health Care Essay

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Patients come to healthcare organizations hoping that they will be receiving services that will treat or alleviate their illnesses. However, in reality, health care organizations do not always live up to the expectations of patients and their families. As a result, while receiving medical treatment for their pre-existing illnesses, patients end up contracting new infections that complicates their further intensifies their agony of illness. Hence, the incidence of health care associated infections (HCAIs) not only implies the failure of health care, but also the decay of moral and ethical values. The purpose of this essay is, therefore, to describe what the bedside nursing staff should do with the collaboration of the nursing leadership do to reduce, if possible eliminate, the needless suffering of patients from HCAIs. It is unfortunate that HCAIs is a common phenomenon in healthcare organizations today, and it causes the deterioration of patient recovery from illness. Moreover, it takes a financial and an emotional toll on patients and their families. In their well-researched journal article titled, “Prevention and control of health care-associated infections through improved hand hygiene”, Mathai, Allegranzi, Kilpatrick, and Pittet (2010) revealed, “in addition to increased morbidity and mortality, HCAIs infections contribute significantly to the financial burden borne by patients, their families, and the healthcare system” (p.100).
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