Essay on Preventing The Spread Of Infectious Disease

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Preventing the Spread of Infectious Disease: The spread of infectious diseases in hospitals and health care organizations has been one of the major factors contributing to the loss of lives in the health care industry. As a result, there have been numerous efforts by the health care facilities and workers towards the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases within the facilities. Most of these health care organizations have developed and implemented comprehensive policies and procedures that guide the actions of their health workers in relation to prevent the spread of such diseases. An example of a health care organization with such policies and procedures is Martin Health System (MHS), which is based in Stuart, Florida. The organization comprises three health care facilities that offer various health care services including primary, preventive, and acute care services.
Challenges MHS Faces in Controlling Infectious Diseases As previously mentioned Martin Health System is made of three health care facilities, various outpatient clinics and centers, and a free-standing emergency center (“About MHS”, n.d.). These facilities focus on providing primary care services, preventive services, and acute hospital care to residents in its target communities. Based on an interview with Michael Skehan, the organization’s senior vice president and chief medical officer, Martin Health System faces several challenges in controlling infectious diseases within its facilities.…

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