Preventing The Growing Population Of ¨ Unhealthy ¨ Children

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Over the past few years, children are now being born into a household with parents who just are not fit for parenting. Being a parent is a big responsibility and requires responsible adult beings who know what they’re doing. Today’s society is becoming ¨sloppy¨ when it comes to having children. When you have young adults who are not aware of what it takes to be a parent, you end up with a family who´s not together. With licences put in place, all of the malfunctions that go on in a corrupt household could be eliminated. The licence could slow up the increasing rate of hungry children, and families suffering from poverty issues. Having parents with a licence for producing children is a smart idea due to the fact that most black communities, the parents who are inexperienced often have a hard time controlling their kids. The licence is there to help prevent the growing population of ¨unhealthy¨ children. Meaning young adults who are inexperienced may raise a child with the lack of parental guidance causing behavioral issues throughout their children 's life. Therefore, parents should be required to obtain a license to raise a child. In addition, most problems that are being faced today are because of the unstable households from the mother and/or the father.This is necessary because as a black community, children can finally be taught right from wrong and what it means to be civilized. Furthermore, if adults have to get a license in order to have a child, it could…

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