Preventing Sex Trafficking

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If somebody discloses their knowledge regarding an abuse they have experienced, are currently experiencing, or are otherwise uninvolved in, it is important to inform them of the treatments and actions they are able to pursue. To share this knowledge with someone is to give them hope. Unsurprisingly, it is very common for victims to develop psychological disorders as a result of their experiences. Fortunately, the majority of these disorders are very treatable through therapy and medication.
S Seedat, an author and member of the psychiatry department at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, states that “The main goals of treatment in Social Anxiety Disorder are to treat core symptoms and comorbidities, reduce functional impairment and avoidance,
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These treatments have also comforted survivors, however prevention is ultimately more beneficial to them. Intimidation is arguably the most effective way to prevent sex trafficking, especially through authoritative policy.
The demand for young women and children is continuously increasing, leading it to be a multi-million dollar industry. The U.S. government has declared it a “modern form of slavery”. They have taken a strong position against it and are now devoted to stopping trafficking in America. To accomplish this goal, laws and other forms of legislation have been passed. is an online organization dedicated to fighting trafficking by spreading awarness. It provides documents such as The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Act of 2000. It states that it wants “To combat trafficking in persons, especially into the sex trade, slavery, and involuntary servitude, to reauthorize certain Federal programs to prevent violence against women, and for other purposes.” Under the act, it vows to fight and protect the victims whom have been
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Some examples of DMST used in the U.S. are “prostitution, pornography, stripping, escort services, and other sexual services.” Programs set up called “john school,” focus on the traffickers themselves in hopes to prevent the issue from spreading. “John schools” gives the men arrested for purchasing sex the option to pay a fee and attend a class to learn the dangers of prostitution, rather than facing other charges. They have shown effective results in regards to reducing the demand of human trafficking in the areas they were

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