Preventing People From Becoming Active Essay

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It seems that even though its important to be physically active there are also numerous barriers that prevent people from becoming physically active. Researchers Kamarusin and Omar-Fauzee found that amongst college students some of the commonly reported barriers are “Costly to exercise, lack of encouragement from family, taking too much time to exercise, and embarrassment are the other common barriers to physical activity” (Kamarusin and Omar-Fauzee, 2007). Cost is an important factor that prevents many from becoming active, motivation, encouragement, and time management, also prevent many for engaging in healthy behaviors, Further showing how health determinants such as socioeconomic, and personal factors prevent many from being active. Similarly it has been found that depending on your level of education it may further encourage or discourage you from being physically active and fit. It was found by Ferkel and his staff that “educational interventions such as conceptual physical education (CPE) center on fitness knowledge, and their application has indicated a longitudinal increase in PA and PF levels” (Ferkel et al., 2014). People who have higher levels of education are more likely to engage in physical activity and physical fitness. To help people become more active we look at the barriers that prevented them in the first place to try and create new innovate methods of physical activity that will help them overcome all the numerous barriers in there way.
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