Preventing Long Term Depression After Birth Essay

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Postpartum depression occurs mostly in ages 20-39 (Azale, Fekadu, & Hanlon, 2016). During routine checkups for an infant they receive vaccinations and tests to make sure they are in good health after delivery. In order to make sure the infant is at the best health, it is important to make sure that the mother is in good health too. In order to make sure the mother is in good health, it is important for them to be monitored closely after birth. This can include tests to grasp the mental health of the women after birth. Preventive steps can also be taken to prevent long-term depression after birth. Some of these include adequate nutrition, rest, exercise, and having a strong support system. In today’s society, the child is taken into consideration more than the mother providing for the child.


In addition, the mother can be greatly affected by this situation mentally and physically. This can include short and long term depression, anxiety and fatigue. Other side affects can include weight gain, mood swings and irritability. The child can also have lack of care due to the mother’s unstableness. Overall, the way the mother is affected by postpartum depression ultimately affects her baby as well. Stopping the problem of postpartum depression can result in minimizing effects on the baby from the mother’s point of care.

If this problem were addressed, women would result in having better mental and emotional health. If the mother’s problem were addressed, she would be…

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