Preventing Hypertension No Matter Your Age? Essay

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Did you know that you need to prevent hypertension no matter your age? Hypertension is a significant public health problem, and it causes just about 13% of the total deaths worldwide (Adherence). Hypertension is what is commonly known as high blood pressure due to abnormal levels of blood pressure. The pressure is continually at an elevated level due to the arteries constantly being pressurized. The abnormality can cause numerous cardiovascular issues for anyone, and depending on your age it can increase the levels of complications a person may encounter. The overall prevalence of increased blood pressure diagnoses has only increased due to lack of people having the proper information for prevention, as well as proper and effective medical services. Hypertension is believed to be medical issue that can only be inherited or only diagnosed within a person who has a constant issue with their stress level. Most people believe it can only be diagnosed in adults whether they are young or old. The harsh reality that many may face is that no matter your age, you are always at risk for hypertension. The risk of this horrible and possible life changing diagnosis is possible for anyone who may have either high stress levels or it was inherited through generations of someone’s family. What most don’t know is that you can avoid hypertension by living a healthier lifestyle and being sure to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Depending on your age group, whether you are…

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