Prevented Early Intervention For A Primary Care Provider Essay

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prevented early intervention if the patients did not visit a primary care provider (Liberman, 2011.)
Free clinics are mostly nonprofit organizations that “provide medical, dental, pharmacy, and mental health services or prescriptions” to uninsured patients (with any immigration status) and rely heavily on volunteers, who are physicians, medical students, or other medical professionals. “Free clinics provide care to underserved communities, yet collaborative partnerships with such organizations remain largely neglected by medical schools throughout the nation” (Vanderwielen, 2015.) Most medical schools in New York are affiliated with at least one free clinic; no wonder why 20% of medical student from New York are interested in primary care compared to 12% nationwide (Teng, 2014.) Free clinics can (at the end) contribute to increasing the number of primary care provider and improve future health-care infrastructure as they allow students to experience first-hand patient care and teach each medical students about social determinants of health and health-care disparities while encouraging medical students to pursue residencies in primary care and medical practice in underserved communities. “Despite the positive impact that the ACA will have on reducing the number of the uninsured, it is estimated that approximately 20 million people will remain without insurance. It is anticipated that the residual uninsured population will include a larger proportion of undocumented…

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