Prevent Doctors From Drugging Foster Kids Essay

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Priyanka Rajani
Dr. Maddex
Class #16

Prevent Doctors from Drugging Foster Kids
I. Attention getter: Tisha Ortiz was abused as a foster kid throughout her childhood. With the neglect she faced in her group home, it was only natural that she ended up having behavioral issues. In her statement, given to the ABC 10 website on October 20, 2016, Ortiz explains that as a foster child she was over-prescribed with drugs and had no say over what was being given to her. Ortiz is not the only one.
II. Thesis/ Introduce the Subject: Legal action needs to be taken to prevent doctors from overdosing foster children.
III. Relevance to audience: According to an article published to the NPR website on August 16, 2016, roughly 265 thousand children in the U.S. within the last year. Foster children begin life at a disadvantage. They are constantly uprooted, always leaving things behind, and rarely find a place they call home. Not many people question how doctors treat the emotional trauma these kids go through, but these children are being incorrectly diagnosed.
IV. Preview Statement: Today, I am going to talk about the problems of doctors that over medicate foster children and then, I will talk about the solutions that need to be enacted by the government and the public to prevent and regulate these problems.
Transition Statement: Let us first take a look at the problems with doctors mistreating children.
Body- Problem/Solution
I. Problems
The first problem I…

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