Prevalence Of Sexual Activity And Sexual Risk Taking Behavior Among Older Adults

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The area of gerontology is a growing field that encompasses the socioeconomic study of the aging population.While older generations have encountered many hardships, there are many more they may face as they age. One of the most interesting challenges they may find is about sexual activity, and just how many older adults are engaging in risky sexual behavior, which can be identified as having more than 5 sexual partners within 5 years, or not using a condom. In a study approved by a local ethics committee, researchers sought to learn more about these behaviors.
The study was led by researchers wanting to address the prevalence of sexual activity and sexual risk-taking behavior among older adults in local communities. In addition to prevalence, the study also gathered data about healthcare experiences regarding STI’s and the need for safe-sex education among older adults.
This study was based in Sheffield, UK. The research team identified 4 electoral wards in Sheffield that were similar in age/sex distribution, marital status on residents over 50, proportion of pensioners living alone, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. They identified that these communities would be most appropriate to mail surveys to. The survey recipients were all over the age of 50, and it was comprised of multiple questions.
In addition to identifying demographic information, this survey questioned issues related to the use/availability of sexual health services and interactions with the recipient’s…

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