Pretty Wom An American Romantic Comedy Produced By Touchstone Pictures

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Pretty Woman (1990) is an American romantic comedy produced by Touchstone Pictures. In Pretty Woman, Vivian Ward, one of the central characters, works as a prostitute in Los Angeles, California. Edward Lewis, a rich, businessman hires Vivian as an escort for a weeklong period, to serve as his date to various functions and events. And over the course of the week, a relationship between the two matures. The movie is considered a modern day Cinderella story, seeing that it focuses on the way in which a well-to-do, handsome man saves and transforms a pitiable prostitute into a beautiful woman with class and style. Although the film shows signs of being a wonderful love story, several issues can be identified and critiqued, particularly those dealing with the portrayal of gender and sexual scripts.
Gender is the state of being male or female. Gender consists of the assortment of mental traits that differ between the sexes; thus, gender scripts are the behavior expectations given to males and females. The characters in the movies either feed into or go against gender scripts. As stated, Edward is a wealthy businessman, for that reason, his character feeds into the gender script of men being breadwinners and guiders in patriarchal societies. For instance, Edward is displayed as a savior, a hero of some sort, due to the fact that he takes Vivian off the streets, hires her, and transforms her into a well-rounded, respectable woman. Edward is also portrayed as emotionless, which is…

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