Essay on Preterm Delivery Is A Terrible Problem

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Preterm delivery is a terrible problem that plagues the United States, as well as many other countries worldwide. Preterm delivery of infants remains one of the most intractable problems that contributes to perinatal morbidity and mortality (Slattery & Morrison, 2002). This issue contributes to a large amount of cost towards the health industry. The definition of preterm delivery is, “…those [deliveries] that occur at less than 37 weeks’ gestational age; however, the low-gestational cutoff…varies by location.” (Goldenberg et al., 2008) It is also found that preterm deliveries can be attributed to the number one killer of newborns. This could be due to the vast number of issues that could occur from an underdeveloped infant, which could range from neurological issues to respiratory problem. Due to an unknowing mechanism, the percentage of preterm deliveries was on the rise from 1981 to 2005, from 9.5% to 12.7%, respectively. It is interesting to note, that although there is an ever increasing abundance of information when it comes to the medical knowledge and technology, we are still unable to figure out why there is such an increase in preterm deliveries. There is a correlation between how early a preterm delivery is and the survival percentage of that child being born. When comparing infants born at 22 weeks and 31 weeks, it is found that those born at 22 weeks only have less than 10% chance of survival, while those at 31 weeks have almost a 100% percent chance of…

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