Pressure Ulcers Among Nursing Home Patients Essay

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Pressure ulcers among nursing home patients
Despite significant investment in equipment, training, and education, pressure ulcers remain a serious health care problem that affects individuals on a worldwide scale. According to the National Nursing Home Survey, out of the 1.5 million nursing home residents in the United States, 159,000 nursing home residents had pressure ulcers in 2004 (Christine & Lee, 2009, P.2). Fifty percent of those pressure ulcers were of stages one, three, and/or four (Christine & Lee, 2009, P. 2). Furthermore, in 2008 the Medicare and Medicaid center services, announced that they would no longer reimburse for any hospital acquired pressure ulcers (Cooper, 2013, P. 57). Not only are pressure ulcers detrimental to the patients’ health and well-being, but they are also a substantial and unmaintainable economic burden to the health care system. For example, it is estimated for a stage four pressure ulcer to cost around 5,000 to 50,000 dollars (Cooper, 2013, P. 57). Moreover, according to the United States Census Bureau “In 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 83.7 million, almost double its estimated population of 43.1 million in 2012”(Ortman & Velkoff, 2014). This is imperative for the health care industry in the fact that the major risk factors for pressure ulcer incidence are obesity, which is another worldwide issue, and older age, which many times, and not by option comes accompanied by impaired mobility, incontinence, poor…

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