Essay about Presidents Of The United States Constitution

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2. The Constitution says very little about presidential power. Why is this so? How has this helped or hurt presidents over the course of American history? Your answer should include some discussion of notable presidents who changed the office.
The United States Constitution says very little about presidential power due to the Founders’ conception of the Office. As the Founders of the Constitution thought that the office of the president should be much more limited than what we consider today to be modern presidency. However, the vague language found in the Constitution has allowed for a greater expansion in power of the president. These powers are established in Article II of the Constitution. It is this provision that makes the President commander-in-chief of the United States’ armed forces. However, the modern interpretation allows for presidents to commit to conflicts overseas, without declaring war. Presidents were also given the power to appoint and “require the opinion in writing” of leaders in executive departments, however this was without the modern expectation that a large federal bureaucracy would be created. The Constitution also allows the President to recommend ideas to Congress, however again this was without the modern expectation that the President would propose legislation and programs. There is also great irony in the Presidency as it is the office that is suppose to be the voice of the people, however it poses the greatest threat to democracy. There is…

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