Presidents Great And Bad By George Washington Essay

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Presidents Great and Bad
The author and the historians expressed their view about the President’s standings while in office, and the rankings as the best presidents of all times, Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt played a big role in history. Then the presidents who were successful to this country; unfortunately missed the top spot. Jefferson, Polk, and Teddy Roosevelt were those few other presidents. The presidents ranked the worst in America history, Grant, Harding, Hoover, and Nixon and few more. The Greatest Presidents to achieve the highest honors played a key role in establishing social programs and united a nation.
Americas great Presidents include Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt and what part they would play in America’s future nation building. Washington self sacrifice for his nation in war and the politic arena, resulting, in a nation of courage and strength. George Washington would give his life for this country; George Washington is remembered in the fight in uniting a nation and bring forth American freedom and a republic. Whereas President Lincoln spent his presidency fighting a civil war; which brought a nation under one united flag. The next great man was Franklin D. Roosevelt; he fought for the average man by instituting social Security, welfare and public works projects, as well as fighting two wars at one time as a cripple. Roosevelt would die before his term was up. The survey regarded great men as the ones who lead a nation into a Great…

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