Essay on Presidential Speech

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My fellow Americans........

I come before you tonight not to bury the current U.S. in insults and criticism, but to raise her high like the precious gift of the statue of liberty that was given to this country from France out fo pure thankfulness and respect.

I am not concern with what America is today my true focus is what America is so eager to become.

That is why I stand before with sincerity and honesty in my heart and a burning, determined desire to make America once again "the country that sits upon a hill", and the epitome of a strong united nation that stands E Pluribus Unum.

Thank you , all of you, for taking time out of your busy schedules to lend an ear to my Presidential Speech on this beautiful night of
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My desire to lead this great country didn't just appear over night nor did my determination to lead this great country surfaced a day after 9/11. I am real probably one of the realist brothers you would ever meet. Not because I talk the talk, but I walk the walk. This great country is long over due for a great leader that can help th U.S. reach its full potential. Time is out for our country to be deceived by lying politicians with no burning desire to lead this great nation. February 22, 2005 marks the date where Realist Era began, and this Era shall good down in history as being the most peaceful, prosperous and uniting period in the history of the U.S.

I refuse to stand before you all tonight and tickle your ears with empty promises. We all live united in the same country which means we all know the key issues that needs to be addressed.

We all know the issues that plays as an epidemic and plagues our country slowly but surely killing The U.S. as a whole.

No longer will we overlook the instability of our country.

No longer will we tucker our tails and run away from the war of terrorism.

No longer will we concern ourselves with minute matters like getting revenge for an assassination attempt of one of our predecessor.

No longer would we be deliberately disrespected to our face by another country's boastful attempt to manufacture weapons of mass

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