Presidential Speech: Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
This year’s candidates have come down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Most of America expected these two to make it to the end. They both have been carried through just by their hate for each other and their drive to beat the other. Now it is all down to the candidates to put on a good show until elections in November. The 2016 Presidential election has many people on the edge with their vote due to the candidate’s differences. Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, (70), in Queens, New York. Trump was the fourth of five children of Fredrick C. and Mary Macleod Trump. His father was a builder and real estate developer. Trump attended New York Military Academy, where he did well academically. He graduated
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On June 16, 2015, Trump made his announcement saying, “I am officially running for President of the United States and we are going to make America great again.” Later, the quote “make America great again” became his signature for the 2015-2016 Presidential election. After accepting the Presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, he began to give a one-hour-and-fifteen-minute long speech. This speech was one of the longest acceptance speeches in recent history. Also in the speech, Trump outlined the issues he would tackle as President, including violence in America, the economy, immigration, trade, and terrorism. (“Donald Trump …show more content…
But she does think we should try to rebuild trust with the communities and the police. This idea would help misunderstandings go down between civilians and police. Clinton thinks that if she was to win the presidential election that her party, Democrats, would have the national debt paid off by the end of the twenty-first century. She has a plan to lower debt, but has not yet clearly stated it yet. Unlike Donald Trump, Clinton believes that American Muslims can help us and that haters just do not realize that. She says that “Preventing Muslims from immigrating is un- American.” She does not see a problem with immigration. (“2016 presidential

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