Presidential Election Between Secretary Clinton And Donald Trump

2126 Words Nov 7th, 2016 9 Pages
For the upcoming 2016 general election between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, there are a few states that will prove to be key role players as they shape the outcome of the election. After a candidate secures the election bid for their party, their work is not over. While securing the nomination is a big deal, in actuality, their work is just beginning as they typically have only spent time talking to the members of their own party. Now, these candidates must go out and try to convince members of another party as to why they should support and ultimately vote for them. We have seen Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do this throughout all three of the televised Presidential Debates as well as the countless rallies that they and other supporters from their party have held on their behalf. Presidential candidates are very particular into where they decide to campaign though as they do not want to waste resources in a state that has typically supported the party of the opposing candidate. For example, if you are a Democratic candidate, you may spend the least time campaigning in states such as New York or California because historically they have been states that have supported democratic candidates. The respective candidates already would expect them to back them and secure their electoral votes on Election Day. On the other hand, Republicans may not use a lot of their resources in states such as Alabama, Georgia or Texas because they would assume that…

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