Essay about Presidential Election : A Woman Politician And A Businessman

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The United States citizens have two choices in the historic 2016 Presidential Election: a woman politician and a businessman. Many U.S. citizens are experiencing election anxiety as the voting day approaches. Some of the citizens feel that the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, nor the Democratic Candidate, Hillary Clinton, are fit for the Office. In efforts to gain votes, both of the presidential candidates are using their campaigns to target the confused citizens. The candidates have campaigned all over the United States and have stopped at many places to talk to the American citizens to vote for them. The vote expectations for the 2016 Presidential Election are projected through the three main topics: immigration reform, abortion rights, and gun control laws, and Donald Trump and Hillary have promoted their views and opinions on immigration reform, abortion rights, and gun control laws to gain support and votes from the U.S. citizens.
Immigration plays an important role in the United States ' presidential election as it is predicted that by 2019, the minority children will become the majority (Sarlin and Seitz-Wald). Trump and Clinton both say they favor secure borders, but in every other respect they are at odds over how they’d tackle key immigrant issues. Experts on both sides of the debate cast the candidates’ proposals as radical, arguing Trump is overtly anti-immigrant while Clinton is too lax on policies (Liu).
Trump’s immigration reform plan calls for a wall to…

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