Presidential Election 2014 - Donald Trump Essay

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Presidential Candidate 2016 – Donald Trump
The presidential contest in the United States has been a vibrant one with the race to occupying the White House getting more aggressive and abrasive as we move closer to the November 6, 2016, date. As usual, the presidential contest attracted a large number of hopeful contenders who have since dropped by the way as the race became more tough with the number shrinking to five aspirants hoping to get the nomination tickets to fight it out in the ultimate battle for the presidency of the United States through the major established political parties; the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Currently, as the nomination process heads on the homestretch with a majority of primaries already held in most states, the Republican Party has Donald Trump leading followed by Ted Cruz and John Kasich. The Democrats have a lesser number with Hillary Clinton anticipated to win the nomination against her close rival, Bernie Sanders, whom from the look of statistics has very little chances of recovery the huge margin. One candidate, Donald Trump, has particularly been making headlines since he indicated his interest to run for the presidency through controversial utterances and political stances many have questioned their viability and ability to implement. Indeed, Trump has attracted criticism, hate at times, from his competition and those who do not support his principles and appraisal from his supporters who identify with his popular ‘Make…

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