Essay on Presidential Character : Barack Hussein Obama

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Clayton C. Mamele
“Presidential Character: Barack Hussein Obama”

In this paper I will attempt to define the characteristics of President Barack Obama using
James David Barber’s approach and then show how these characteristics affected the performance of his administration. By examining President Obama’s character, worldview, and style, I will argue that he would fall under the Active-Negative classification according to
Barber. Similar to the presidencies of Lyndon Johnson and Woodrow Wilson, Obama’s presidency has been ripe with activity but has met largely with negative results. With Democrats controlling both the House and the Senate, Obama quickly passed the American Recovery and
Reinvestment act of 2009 which would ultimately lead to the passage of a $787 billion economic stimulus package. Obama’s first political step was big and swift, traits that would continue to prevail throughout his first term. His presidency would become defined by his monstrous goals and in-famed for the monstrous opposition it arose. In 2010 the political landscape shifted with Republicans taking the House and Democrats narrowly maintaining their majority in the Senate. This brought about a period of very little legislative progress and record low ratings as both parties and the President refused to compromise. His expansive domestic agenda, which included a program that bore his name, became overshadowed by his administration’s inability to enact policies and handle ever

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